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We are partnered with many reputable contractors with different talents to complete any job necessary. We pride ourselves on our start to finish policy, our goal is to complete every project with a high sense of integrity and efficiency.


Demolition prior to renovating seems deceptively easy, let our team here handle it for you so there are no surprises along the way. We can streamline the process by removing garbage, drywall, insulation, wiring, windows, appliances, and anything else you may have laying around that will get in the way of your new, beautifully renovated area you are getting ready to remodel.


Nothing to big or too small, we can remove any structure needed! That old barn or shed youve been dying to get rid of can be gone by tomorrow. We have the tools and manpower to get the job done exactly the way you want us to.

Clean outs

Selling or moving from a property, or simply trying to declutter can be a messy process but you don't have to worry because our team here at A-1 hauling has it handled! Our experienced team can finish most clean outs in a single day, sorting and recycling materials to lower costs while still maintaining efficiency. Our goal is to remove any unwanted items and to always protect our customers property.

Gut outs

We can remove it all and leave you with all that you need to start remodeling your house! A full gut out is when we come in and strip all interior finishes out of the building. So, you just have the skeletal structure left to work with. It can be a messy process that a lot of people just dont have the time or energy to do themselves, thats where we come in!


Does your fireplace not work? Dont really use it? Just need some more room? Taking out an unused fireplace can open a room and create so much more space! While still appealing, fireplaces no longer have the same status they used to have as a must have item in your home. Removing a fireplace can be a lengthy and messy process. We will come in and do it, so you wont have to worry about it. A-1 specializes in soft demolition, masking everything off with dust barriers and ram board to protect any surrounding areas so you don't have to worry about a thing.


Dont be intimidated with the toughest part of re-roofing, the tear off. We have trained teams that know how to handle the entire process of removing every part of the roof. We remove shingles, valley flashing, ice and water barrier, and anything else the customer may want replaced after were done. We commit to leaving no trace behind when we complete the project, we have a hauling truck and our crews execute a careful cleanup process to ensure a clean site.

Real estate

Are you a busy real estate business that needs some help clearing out one of your properties? Your crew didnt show up and you need it done today? Give us a call and we will send out our exceptional team to do it for you! We clean up the entire property, inside and out.


Taking down a shed isn't as demanding as demolishing a house, or even a barn, but you can be hurt if you don't do it systematically. We have a plan when we come in so that we can remove all the shed from your property without damaging the material, so we can still recycle all of it after we haul it away lowering costs for our customer and helping the environment.

Manufactured homes

Abandoned manufactured homes decrease your property value, detract from your property, and pose a health hazard for curious kids. They also attract crime. Contact A-1 hauling and within a few days there will be no evidence that a manufactured home was ever there.


We can remove any concrete slabs or broken up concrete efficiently and at a lower rate than most companies. Most landfills weigh your debris and charge you accordingly. Then the useless concrete will take up space in your landfill and may never completely degrade. Instead A-1 hauling takes the concrete to a recycling facility where concrete recyclers crush and reuse the concrete as an aggregate in new cement. Removing a concrete sidewalk or driveway can be a major undertaking, but with the right equipment, and experienced crew members, we can complete most concrete jobs in 1-3 days! Call today for a free estimate!


Is that garage no longer useful, falling, or just in the way? Save yourself the trouble, call us today! We will come in, tear it down, and haul it away as well as fix any siding or walls that were associated with the garage, leaving no trace it was ever even there We also make sure to recycle all the material we can to save on costs and help the environment.
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